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    INTERNATIONAL ART SUPPLIES (H.K.) LIMITED-Promotion(Order Hotline:852-28877202)

    PANTONE Formula Guide - Coated & Uncoated (2161 Colors) GP1601A

    294 new trend colors added!

    Provides more direct matches between Pantone’s Graphics and Fashion, Home + Interiors Systems for enhanced color consistency across a variety of materials. 


    PANTONE Pastels & Neons Guide - Coated & Uncoated GG1504A

    Expand the traditional spot color palette with over 200 contemporary pastels and neons, in one handheld guide


    PANTONE Metallics Solid Coated Guide GG1507A

    The Pantone Graphics System presents a complete collection of 655 Metallic colors for print and packaging


    PANTONE Plus Solid Guide Set GP1605A

    294 new trend colors added!

    Access 3,026 Pantone Matching System® colors with all four of our solid color guides. 


    PANTONE Essentials (6Guide Set) GPG301A

    294 new trend colors added!

    The Essentials Guide Set bundles six of Pantone’s top-selling graphics tools into an affordable,


    PANTONE Fashion, Home + Interiors Color Guide - Paper (2625 Color) FHIP110A

    315 New Colors just added!

    2,625 market-driven, trend-relevant Fashion, Home + Interiors (FHI) Colors in two portable handheld guides


    PANTONE Fashion + Home Cotton Passport (2310 Colors) FHIC200A

    315 New Colors just added! With this affordable, portable tool, you can bring all 2,625 Pantone Fashion


    PANTONE Fashion, Home + Interiors Cotton Planner (2625 Colors) FHIC300A

    315 New Colors just added!

    View 2,625 market-driven Fashion, Home + Interiors System (FHI) colors in one compact desktop reference



    PANTONE Plus Plastics Standard Chips Collection

    An ideal tool for hard goods industries where a vast array of colors is key, the Pantone Plastic Standard Chip Collection features

    1,755 of our best-selling graphic colors with corresponding pigment formulations.


    Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test CEP001

    Easy-to-use and a recommended color management sustainability tool, the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test is a highly effective


    Munsell Book of Color, Glossy Edition M40115B

    The Glossy Collection is the "master atlas" of Munsell Color.


    Kusakabe Study Oil Wood Sketch Box Set GT No.3

    Beginner set of study for oil paint base color 12 colors (15 ml). 
    Oil and oil equipment is contained in box complete the set. 


    Kusakabe Pigment Set 20 Colour

    Toner is the most basic raw material of pigment.



    Copic Classic Markers 72 Colours Set A (Square barrel)

    Copic markers have two durable polyester nibs -- standard broad and standard fine.


    Copic Sketch Markers 72 Colours Set ( E ) (Oval barrel)

    Copic Sketch Markers are perfect for anime illustration, as well as for fashion design. 



    The Chameleon Colour Tones 52 Pen Set CT5201

    Chameleon Color Tones is an innovative alcohol-based marker system that gives you the ability to change the color tone of your ink!


    Mont Marte Studio Acrylic Colours 2L

    Mont Marte Studio Acrylic is ideal for students or aspiring artists wanting to create large 



    Phoenix Artist Canvas Cotton (Thick1.7cm) CDC5305SB

    Semi-absorbent acrylic coating, neutral, non-toxic, suitable for oil painting and acrylic painting.



    Caran d'Ache Neopastel Oil Pastels 96 Colours (7400.396)

    Metal box with 96 colours/7400.396



    Derwent Artists Colored Pencils Metal Tin 72's CDC-32097


    Derwent Studio Colored Pencils Metal Tin 72's CDC-32201