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    Metallics Guide

    Here’s a quick list and diagram of the Pantone Metallics product features to help you maximize their offerings and get a jump start on your next design project!

    Guide Features

    • 354 Packaging Metallics Colors with index
    • 301 Commercial Graphics Metallics Colors
    • New colors identified by symbols at the top corners of the pages
    • Base ink colors: two for Packaging Metallics and seven for Commercial Graphics Metallics
    • Examples of both specialty and gloss aqueous coating to enhance metallic effects
    • D50 Lighting Indicator tool

    Understanding the differences between Packaging and Commercial Graphics Metallics

    Both the guide and chip book are divided into two segments of colors: Packaging Metallics and Commercial Graphics Metallics. Read below to better understand the features and benefits of both Metallics offerings and which one to consider when using metallics.

    Packaging Metallics (Previously referred to as “Premium Metallics”)

    Use Packaging Metallic Colors for packaging and signage projects these are created using base inks Pantone Silver 10077 and Pantone Rose Gold 10412.

    These colors are created using special inks which are formulated with pigments that best allow for ease in coating. This seals down printed graphic applications and provides the essential protection required for most packaged projects.

    In addition, Packaging Metallics colors are formulated to have:

    • Better printing results
    • Greater brilliance
    • Higher luster
    • More durability
    • Less leafing and tarnishing over time

    Inks used to achieve these colors are slightly more expensive, but they also accept a wide range of aqueous and UV coatings, which present a more commanding on-shelf presence for packaging.

    Commercial Graphics Metallics (Previously referred to simply as "Metallics")

    Use Commercial Graphics Metallic colors for non-packaging projects, such as retail products, marketing and sales materials, publishing, and literature.

    Pantone Metallics For Graphics Vs. Fashion, Home + Interiors

    Currently, Pantone offers Metallic Color guides and references for two different categories: for graphics projects and Fashion, Home + Interior projects and product applications. Although some colors may match very closely between both systems, they should be used specifically according to their end-product type intent to best avoid possible production complications, delays, and frustrations.

    Pantone Metallics are formulated and developed as ink printed onto paper and should be only referenced for ink-printed projects. Use Pantone Metallics for such print projects as packaging, logos and branding, signage, marketing materials, advertising, stationery, direct mail, presentations, corporate reports, announcements, cards, brochures and collateral, multimedia, interactive, and digital design.

    Pantone Metallic Shimmers are formulated using a nitrocellulose coating (similar to paint) onto paper and should be referenced for hard and soft goods product development projects. Use Pantone Metallic Shimmers for such non-printed projects as toys, cosmetics, housewares, electronics, fashion accessories, furniture, automotive, etc.

    For quick reference, please see the simple comparison chart below:

    Presenting Pantone Metallic Colors for Print and Packaging