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    Online ordering process
    1. Selection of commodities
    " International Art Supplies (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd"  provides you with convenient and fast commodity retrieval and search functions:
    1) You can search for the goods you want to buy by inputting keywords into the search function.
    2) You can also navigate through the classification navigation to see the classification of goods and find the goods you want to buy.
    2. Join the shopping cart           
    On the details page of the goods you want to buy, click "Join the shopping cart" and the goods will be added to your shopping cart. You can also continue to select the goods and put them into the shopping cart to settle the account.
    1) In the shopping cart, the system defaults to one order quantity for each item. If you want to buy more than one item, you can modify the purchase quantity.           
    2) In the shopping cart, you can delete the goods.           
    3) In the shopping cart, you can see the discount and the amount of discount enjoyed by the order directly.
    Warm tips:           
    1) Commodity prices will adjust with the market. When you are interested in a particular commodity, please start in time.           
    2) Preferential policies, delivery time and payment methods may be adjusted. Please keep an eye on the latest information published on the website.           
    3. Confirmation of Purchase           
    When you have selected the items you need to buy, click on the "to settle" button of the shopping cart to jump to the order information page.    If you are not logged in, the login box appears:
    Customer: Please enter your username and password on the page to login.           
    New Customer: Click "Register Now" on the page to register, and automatically jump to the order information page after successful registration.
    4. Fill in the order information           
    1) Confirm the consignee information: the name, address and telephone of the consignee.           
    Please fill in the correct and complete name of the consignee, contact information of the consignee, detailed receiving address and postcode, otherwise it will affect the processing or distribution of your order. You can enter "My Account - Account Management" to set the default receiving address. After successful storage, you can directly choose to use it when ordering.           
    2) Confirmation of distribution mode: Confirmation of detailed distribution mode, delivery time and other information.           
    3) Confirmation of payment method: Choose the right payment method for you. Note: PayPal payment online, bank remittances, cash on delivery, cheque payment, cash payment, self-withdrawal.           
    4) Request invoice: Fill in the correct invoice hairpin, invoice content default to commodity details, invoice selection will be successful, the order goods will be served together.           
    5) Confirmation of the list of goods: Confirmation of the types, quantities, prices, amounts, promotions and preferences of the goods purchased.
    5. Submitting orders and clearing commodities           
    1) After verifying the above information, please click on "Submit the Order" and the system generates an order number, which indicates that you have successfully submitted the order.           
    2) After the successful submission of the order, you can login to "My Account-Order Center" to manage the order information.           
    6. Order status
    To be processed: After the order submission is successful, wait for customer service to confirm the order information.           
    Unpaid: Choose "online payment" order, after successful submission, enter the status of pending payment, after payment by users can be shipped. Online payment orders must be completed within 24 hours, bank wire transfer must be completed within 2 days and telephone notification customer service.           
    Paymented: Online payment or bank remittance user has successfully paid.           
    Distribution: The order has been printed and entered the warehouse distribution status.
    Goods ordered:
    Goods ordered have been sent out from the warehouse, and distribution personnel have started.           
    Completed order: Orders are normally signed or partially received, and this order is normally completed in circulation.           
    Cancelled orders: orders have been cancelled by users or automatically cancelled by the system.           
    Telephone order:           
    You can directly select your favorite goods from the "International Artistic Articles Online Mall", then call our VIP line and tell the customer service the number of the goods. We will help you complete the purchase of the goods.           
    Telephone line: 00852-2887 7202           
    Working hours: from Sunday 1 to Sunday 9:00-19:00           
    E-mail: hongkong@iaseshop.com